wedding vocabulary listAs mentioned in my free eBook post, I am getting married this weekend. In fact, tomorrow (and on Saturday). So for today (and I’ll put this here in lieu of a Twitter vocab blast tomorrow), I’ll round off this week’s blog with a brief wedding vocabulary list. Here’s some of the common English words associated with weddings, with definitions and example sentences:

  • proposalwhen the man asks the woman to marry him – His proposal was a grand romantic gesture. (also note to propose­, the act of asking for marriage)
  • engagementthe period between deciding to marry and the wedding – Their engagement lasted only 2 months. (also note engaged – when you are to be married)
  • engagement ringa ring showing the woman has accepted a marriage proposal (sometimes also worn by a man)– She had a huge diamond in her engagement ring.
  • fiancéesomeone who has agreed to be married – While they were engaged, she was a doting fiancée. (also note bride-to-be)
  • bridethe female partner in a wedding ­– The bride should always be the most beautiful woman on the day.
  • groomthe male partner in a wedding – The groom did little to help prepare the ceremony.
  • registerthe book where the marriage is officially recorded – They signed the register after the ceremony. (also note registrar – the official who signs the book)
  • wedding ringsbands that are exchanged during the wedding ceremony – They had simple wedding rings, made from precious metals.
  • best manthe groom’s main aide – It was difficult to choose a best man because the groom had so many friends.
  • maid of honourthe bride’s main aide – The maid of honour did all the work for this wedding.
  • bridesmaidsthe women who support the bride in the ceremony – The bridesmaids all wore matching dresses.
  • groomsmenthe men who support the groom in the ceremony – The groomsmen were a rowdy bunch, but they did a good job.
  • flower girla girl who carries the bouquet for the bride – The flower girl looked sweet, following the bride.
  • pagea boy who helps in the wedding ceremony, sometimes carrying the ring or the bride’s gown – He was asked to be a page, because he was too young to be a groomsman.
  • ring bearersomeone who carries the rings – The best man was the designated ring bearer.
  • to be given awaywhen a family member delivers the bride to the groom – Her father gave her away.
  • walk down the aisle the bride’s entrance to the ceremony, also generally used as a synonym for getting married – You’ve been engaged for years, when are you going to walk down the aisle?
  • welcome drinksdrinks provided as people arrive to the wedding – The bride’s father paid for hundreds of wedding drinks.
  • bouquetthe bunch of flowers carried (and later thrown) by the bride – Whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to marry!
  • receptionthe party following the wedding ceremony – The reception lasted for six hours, with food and dancing.
  • toasts/speechesspeeches given about the bride and groom – The best man gave a hilarious speech about the groom.
  • toastmastersomeone who makes announcements and organises schedules during the reception – Her brother acted as toastmaster.
  • cold feet / jittersto become afraid to marry – I thought she had cold feet, but she was just late for the ceremony.
  • newlywedsa couple who have recently married – The newlyweds bought a house together.
  • just marriedan expression used to label newlyweds, usually seen in a car
  • honeymoon – the holiday taken by the married couple after the wedding – They went to Thailand for their honeymoon.

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