merry christmas seasonal englishChristmas is just around the corner, which leaves it to me to say seasons greetings, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year! I’ve covered some interesting topics for the season on this site in the past, so here’s a breakdown of different ways you can develop your English this holiday – whether you celebrate it or not:

1. Build Your Christmas Vocabulary

We use a lot of specific vocabulary around Christmas, and I’ve put together a long list of words and phrases for you to learn: check out my big list of Christmas vocabulary here.

2. Practice Your Listening with Christmas Songs

Christmas is a time where we have many seasonal songs on the radio – and films on the TV. You’ll hear the same few songs over and over, which can feel bad for us but it’s good for learners as you can repeat, repeat, repeat and really get to learn the language used! Have a look at my list of 6 Christmas songs for practising listening here.

3. Reading Practice with Christmas Stories

There’s a wealth of stories available set in the Christmas period – last year I wrote one specifically to practice English. Test your use of mixed English tenses with this reading and grammar exercise – The Christmas Mess. If you’re looking for something really different, I’ve also written a free novella this season – a post-apocalyptic fiction story, A Most Apocalyptic Christmas. Find it on my author website here – but be warned that ones for adults!

4. Delve into Christmas Culture

Christmas is an ancient holiday with a lot of history and traditions. Expand your reading practice by learning more about the English speaking world – for example you can read my article about the impact of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol on the English language.

Above all, enjoy the holiday, have a Merry Christmas and best wishes for your learning in 2018!



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