email subject exerciseThis exercise will test your use of the tips offered in the previous lesson, . Below, I have given you 9 possible email summaries, explaining the contents of a complete email. These become increasingly complicated. For each email summary, write an email subject line that presents only the important information, in a clear and concise way. Remember to cut out unimportant words and lead with the most important information.


Email Subject Lines Exercise

Write email subject lines for the following emails. There are many possible solutions.


Email 1:

A question about what time the test is on Friday, explaining that you lost your printed schedule.


Email 2:

A question about whether or not children are allowed to play ball games in the communal play area. You have seen children playing near the building, and fear that they might break the windows.


Email 3:

An email to a book supplier. Your company has run out of stock of a popular book, Fun Language Exercises, and you need to order more copies urgently, to fulfil increasing orders from customers.


Email 4:

An email delivering a final report that you have completed, requested by the Chief of Operations two days ago. You have studied the results of a recent product trial, and have presented your findings with tables, graphs, and detailed conclusions.


Email 5:

An email answering a colleague’s request that you swap shifts next Tuesday. You wish to suggest switching for your Wednesday shift, so that you can visit your parents, who live on a boat that is in town from Wednesday to Friday.


Email 6:

An old friend from university is in town and you want to arrange a meeting in the coming week. You are free on Thursday and Friday, and if possible would like to meet near where you work. There is a good cafe nearby called Lou’s Diner, where you think it would be best to meet.


Email 7:

A letter of complaint to the manager of a shop, where you tried to return some trousers that were too small for you. The staff were rude and did not allow you to return the trousers, blaming you for picking the wrong size. You know the store has a policy that allows you to return any item within 24 days, so you wish to both arrange a refund and address the staff’s impoliteness.


Email 8:

Someone has written to complain to you about a communal drinking area in the office. It has been left in a mess, and the water jug is not being regularly replaced. You have contacted the office manager and decided to put up a sign instructing office members on good drinking area conduct. Your sign is ready to be put up, and you are writing to both announce these new rules and explain why they are necessary.


Email 9:

The mayor is visiting your office and you are responsible for arranging his transport. There have been complications with the car hire company, however, and you need to suggest to your boss that he use alternative transport options instead. You have compiled a list of chauffeur services, taxis and public transport choices, and are prepared to discuss different options.


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