Word Order in English Sentences: Grammar Guide

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“If you are a non-native speaker intending to write in English, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!” – Amelie Chaloux , Amazon review

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Word Order in English Sentences teaches effective sentence structure in English. It covers the structure of sentences, explaining how and why different English word types fit into specific orders. It is available from this site in electronic form, or in print form on Amazon.

Effective Word Order Rules

“The greatest thing about this guide is that it doesn’t simply tell you what to do, it also explains why, so that you understand the subtle (or not so subtle) change in meaning of the sentence, which can occur if you swap just a couple of words in your phrase.” – Polina Zemsteva, Amazon review

The English language requires specific word order rules, to make sure your sentences make grammatical sense. When you change your word order, you can change the meaning of your sentence. This guide explains standard sentence structures, so that you will always be understood clearly. It takes you from the general ‘subject-verb-object’ beginning into more complicated patterns for specific words, including how to list adjectives, and how to position different adverbs. The simple chapter structure covers the following topics:

  • Basic sentence structure (subject-verb-object and beyond)
  • Question forms
  • Negative forms
  • Verb phrases (now including phrasal verbs, transitives and intransitives, and combinations of verbs)
  • Noun phrases (now including compound nouns, noun complements and embedded questions as noun phrases)
  • Adjectives (now including adjectives in unusual positions)
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Sentences with multiple clauses (including simple, complex and compound sentences)

Every topic is covered with standard word order patterns and exercises to practice your knowledge. The exercises use scrambled sentences which need to be re-ordered, and the answers include detailed explanations of why the sentences should be placed in these orders. For an introduction to the style of the book, you can see my Adjective Word Order exercise in this blog (which is similar to part of the adjective chapter in the book).

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