ELB 10k – Book Giveaway

ELB recently passed 10,000 books sold, which is cause to celebrate. It’s incredible how far the books have reached, so, this week I’m running a flash giveaway, open from now until Feb 19th, of 15 EBOOKS – five of each of our currently available books:

english lessons books series

To enter the competition, all you need to do is fill in the form at the link below, and choose which books you’re interested in. It’s open to everyone, but you can only enter once.


And please, feel free to share – the more the merrier! Good luck!

A little more cause for celebration: this comes at a time where The English Tenses just passed 30 reviews on Amazon.com (totalling over 50, I think).

Also, for readers in India: Amazon.in are running a big discount for the whole month of February for Word Order in English Sentences on the Kindle – get it here for only INR 169.

And one more offer, if you’d like something different to read: I’ve got an urban fantasy novel on sale Feb 13th – 19th – as part of this promo, alongside lots of excellent authors.

A new look for ELB Books

Spring has finally arrived in the UK (sort of), and it seems like high-time I had a spring clean for the English Lessons Brighton books and website. As the time’s come for me to edit the final version of my upcoming book, Advanced Writing Skills for Students of English, I’m taking this opportunity to consider the overall design of my books and website. In the next few months I hope to give the site itself a redesign, but in the meantime I’m looking at updating some imagery and greatly improving the branding of my study guides. Here’s the direction I’m going in: Continue reading “A new look for ELB Books”

Seasons Greetings from ELB – including what’s coming for 2018

Advent is always a fun time here in the UK, and I like to celebrate it in a small way on this website with some Christmas learning. We have a whole culture of books, films and traditions that can make English more fun – some of which I’ve covered here before. With the holiday just around the corner now, I want to take a chance to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas, to let you know what’s planned in 2018 and to share with you, again, some of the learning material that I’ve put up for the season in the past. Continue reading “Seasons Greetings from ELB – including what’s coming for 2018”

What’s in the upcoming ELB writing skills book

book guide to writing

book guide to writingIf you’re a member of the ELB mailing list you may have seen that I’m working on a new guide to improved writing skills. The idea is to present advanced writing tips for learners of English as a foreign language – a guide based on how the language functions, as opposed to as a creative art (which may have value for native speakers, too!). To introduce the book, I want to share the chapter topics that I currently have planned, and I welcome feedback on any additional topics you’re interested in – or ideas/hopes for how these will be discussed! Continue reading “What’s in the upcoming ELB writing skills book”

New author website – with free English fiction

fantasy author website

fantasy author website

If you follow my writing you may be aware that as well as educational material I also write adult fiction, in the contemporary fantasy and dystopian genres (more broadly, science-fiction fantasy!). I have just launched a new author website I would like to share – please visit it at phil-williams.co.uk. The website shows the different fiction projects I am working on, and has its own dedicated mailing list – sign up for a free copy of A Most Apocalyptic Christmas, my madcap dystopian adventure. Subscribers will also be the first to hear of (and receive) the next two novellas I am writing. Continue reading “New author website – with free English fiction”