Advanced Writing Skills is available now, with a limited time offer

writing skills bookIt’s finally here – Advanced Writing Skills for Students of English has hit the (electronic) shelves! After an intense month of final updates, with massive thanks due to my excellent beta reading team, the final book is now available in eBook and paperback format from Amazon. (The paperback should also be available to order from local bookshops.)

And for the first week of its release, because I want to give more people on my list a chance to get it, I’m offering the eBook at half price, and the paperback at a discount. Until June 13th only, it’s $3.49 on Kindle and $12.99 in paperback (and respective prices worldwide).

So without further ado – the book! Here’s the cover and blurb: Continue reading “Advanced Writing Skills is available now, with a limited time offer”

Coming this February – the expanded Word Order guide

word order bookMembers of my mailing list will already be aware that I have been working on a long-overdue update to Word Order in English Sentences – and with the help of my readers it is now almost ready for publication. This February I will be releasing the 2nd Edition of Word Order in English Sentences with greatly expanded content and a much more professional edit.

The 1st Edition of the book was a short eBook I originally produced as a piece of bonus material for my subscribers. It proved popular enough to keep selling, but as an early piece of work, I was never happy with the standard of the book, or the level of detail it covered. The basic original guide has therefore been given an overhaul, with the new version expanded from 47 pages to over 100 – and it will now also be available, for the first time, in print form!

The new contents include:

  • Expanded verb phrases structures, including introductions to tenses, transitive and intransitive verbs, and connecting verbs to locations, other verbs and clauses
  • Expanded noun phrase structures, including a detailed look at compound nouns, noun complements and embedded questions as noun objects
  • Expanded adjective rules, including adjectives after nouns and verbs
  • New chapter on Prepositions, discussing where they come in questions, passive structures, relative clauses and in relation to infinitives
  • New chapter on sentences with multiple clauses, including simple, complex and compound sentences
  • New chapter on flexible word order and sentence structure, introducing ideas for creating different forms from the same sentence

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with some of the new content added to the book. It is a massive improvement on the original – so look out for it in February (and be sure to join the mailing list to be the first to hear of its release!). If you would like to review the book for your website, or on Amazon, or would like to recommend review sites to me, do let me know.


Best English grammar book for learning and practice

best english grammar bookWhenever I recommend just one English grammar book, I suggest Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in UseThe English Grammar in Use series covers all areas, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, though the one I find most useful is Intermediate. The large selection of grammar points in the Intermediate book is suitable for students of all levels above elementary, either to learn more or to review. Each point has easy-to-follow examples and exercises. It works as a useful accompaniment to test the lessons taught in The English Tenses.

Though it is excellent for self-study, I sometimes also use this book for teaching, as the grammar rules are clear and well-organised. Continue reading “Best English grammar book for learning and practice”

Improve your English writing skills with this book

improve writing skillsThis book is not as well known in the UK as in America, so I discovered it quite late. But it summarises many of my personal views on good written English. In America, it is incredibly famous. It was labelled one of the All-Time 100 Nonfiction Books, the most influential books Written in English since 1923, by Time magazine. The Elements of Style, otherwise called the Strunk and White (after its authors), is a prescriptive language book – meaning it is forced upon students. With good reason. It is a writing style guide that will improve your writing skills if you take careful note of its simple and effective rules.  Continue reading “Improve your English writing skills with this book”