ed endings exerciseFollowing on from the rules and patterns laid out in my previous post about how to pronounce –ed endings in English, here are a few exercises to test understanding of when it is appropriate to add a –t, -d or –id sound (with an extra syllable) to different words ending in –ed. First, a few simple sentences, then a reading practice! Check the answers below.

Pronounced -ed Endings Exercise 1

In the following sentences, is the –ed ending in the highlighted word pronounced –d, -t or –id?

  1. They thanked him for the tea.
  2. Your car is damaged.
  3. We helped them clear the path.
  4. I rented a small apartment.
  5. Jon walked for miles.
  6. She never wanted to hurt you.
  7. The dog recovered
  8. The police hunted the killer.
  9. It rained very hard last night.
  10. I stopped listening ten minutes ago.


Pronouncing –ed Endings Exercise 2

In the following passage, a number of words with –ed endings have been used to describe a short story. Decide for each of the highlighted words if the –ed ending should be pronounced –t, -d or –id.

The student worried (1) that he was going to be kicked (2) out of school. He had passed (3) all his exams with such high marks that they thought he had cheated (4). But he the truth was he studied (5) very hard, and deserved (6) his good grades. He believed (7) he was a learned (8) individual, and always attempted (9) to do well in his exams.

Afraid that he would be expelled (10), he decided (11) to try and convince the examiners he was innocent. He broke into their offices late and night and searched (12) for his exam papers. This was the perfect solution, he chuckled (13) to himself, as he changed (14) the answers. They would never think he was a cheat if he appeared (15) to have done badly!


Answers to Exercise 1

  1. t
  2. d
  3. id
  4. id
  5. t
  6. id
  7. d
  8. id
  9. d
  10. t

Answers to Exercise 2

  1. d
  2. t
  3. t
  4. id
  5. d
  6. d
  7. d
  8. id
  9. id
  10. d
  11. id
  12. t
  13. d
  14. d
  15. d

Note that this is quite a demonstrative text of the frequency you will find the –d sound with –ed endings! And a bonus comprehension question; was the student really learned?


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