Private English lessons

private english tutorI offer private tutoring for English language learners, either online via Skype or face-to-face in the Worthing area (including Brighton). I typically teach one-to-one for Intermediate to Advanced learners, and specialise in writing and grammar. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Topics that I typically cover include:

  • English Grammar
  • General Writing Skills
  • Academic Writing
  • Business Writing
  • IELTS Exam Practice

Online English Tutoring

I can tutor students anywhere in the world via Skype (or Google Hangouts when required), using video calls. I am based in the UK so be aware that times will have to be arranged considering the GMT timezone. Online tutoring is my preferred method, as it is easy to organise and gives us the luxury of using digital materials to aid learning.

Face-to-face Tutoring

I am based in Worthing, UK, and am happy to teach here or anywhere within a reasonable distance (including Brighton). I can teach in your home or in a public location like a coffee shop. I am happy to discuss suitable locations.


I work flexible hours and can teach at hours that suit you. This includes evenings and weekends.

The length of our lessons is up to you, but my private lessons are usually 1 to 2 hours long.


I charge a rate of £25 an hour for general English lessons and £30 an hour for Business English.

For face-to-face lessons, I reserve the rate to charge an additional £5 / lesson for travel costs.

I can also offer copy-editing and proofreading services for your writing, starting at rates of £25 / 1,000 words.

If you would like to discuss rates for group sessions please contact me.

Get in touch

For more information, and to discuss private lessons with me, contact me here.

Tutoring Style

I tutor bespoke lessons that focus on precisely what you want from your lessons. As these are private lessons with a focus on the student, my aim is to encourage as much language use from you as possible (for example through speaking or through writing). I then use this to highlight areas for improvement, giving full explanations of English language and providing practice materials to be used outside sessions.

As a creative writer, a business writer and an author, I have a very keen interest in writing and am happy to work through your writing with you – which can be as simple as going through mistakes or as complex as discussing revisions for improvements in style. I am comfortable working on all topics for this, and have previously worked with academics, business owners, engineers, students, other teachers, creative writers and many more. I also offer separate editing services for your writing if you simply want texts edited, without tutoring.

As you can see from this website and my published books, I use a high level of understanding of grammar to break down English. This makes it possible to really explain the root cause of mistakes and create the strongest foundations for accurate language. Both in tutoring or text-editing, it is very important that you always know not just when a mistake is made but exactly why it is a mistake. I am also particularly interested in the finer points of English – really exploring and closing the gap between advanced use of the language and fluency.

Sounds useful? Contact me today to discuss your needs.


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