negative simple questions exerciseFollowing on from the quick exercises for negative simple statements, this exercise will test understanding of negative simple question forms. Negative simple questions are formed by placing do, did or will before the subject and not after the subject, or by forming a negative contraction, don’t, didn’t, won’t before the subject. If we’re asking a question of the person who made the statement, any first person statements should be changed to second person (i.e. I -> you, we -> they). The following exercise has 15 negative statements in mixed tenses that can be converted to negative questions. The answers are given below the exercise.

Negative Simple Questions Exercise (Mixed Tenses)

Convert the following negative statements into negative questions using the appropriate tense.

  1. Robert does not eat meat.
  2. The investigator didn’t understand the reports.
  3. Many people won’t give us money for our charity.
  4. She won’t visit her mother again.
  5. We do not like bagpipes.
  6. Harry will not be in school tomorrow.
  7. Our friends did not meet until college.
  8. I don’t understand these questions.
  9. Running from your problems will not help you.
  10. You didn’t feed the ducks again.
  11. He does not practice guitar very often.
  12. The council did not remove our rubbish this week.
  13. They will not be able to find anywhere to park the car.
  14. Simon didn’t qualify for a new license.
  15. That doesn’t look right.


  1. Does Robert not eat meat?
  2. Didn’t the investigator understand the reports?
  3. Won’t many people give you money for your charity?
  4. Won’t she visit her mother again?
  5. Do you not like bagpipes?
  6. Will Harry not be in school tomorrow?
  7. Did our friends not meet until college?
  8. Don’t you understand these questions?
  9. Will running from your problems not help you?
  10. Didn’t you feed the ducks again?
  11. Does he not practice guitar very often?
  12. Did the council not remove our rubbish this week?
  13. Will they not be able to find anywhere to park the car?
  14. Didn’t Simon qualify for a new license?
  15. Doesn’t that look right?

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