mixed tenses exerciseThe following quiz was originally posted on Goodreads – it’s a quick exercise to test understanding of different tense forms. The questions are based on the 12 basic English tense forms. Complete the following sentences using the appropriate tense form. In the given context, one answer is correct for each question.

Mixed English Tenses Comparison Exercise

  1. I _____ yesterday morning. (to swim)
  • a. swim
  • b. have swum
  • c. swam
  1. Teeth often _____ when it is cold. (to chatter)
  • a. are chattering
  • b. chatter
  • c. are going to chatter
  1. We _____ since dawn. (to study)
  • a. have been studying
  • b. studied
  • c. were studying
  1. The dog _____ until you feed it. (to bark)
  • a. will bark
  • b. has been barking
  • c. is barking
    James believes it _____. (to rain)
  • a. had been raining
  • b. will have been raining
  • c. is going to rain
  1. I _____ home when I saw a package lying in the hallway. (to walk)
  • a. am walking
  • b. was walking
  • c. walked
  1. The weather _____ terrible for days. (to be)
  • a. is
  • b. will be going to be
  • c. has been
  1. My mother _____ to play the piano. (to learn)
  • a. is learning
  • b. learns
  • c. will have learnt
  1. The students _____ their essays by Friday. (to turn in)
  • a. have turned in
  • b. will have turned in
  • c. will have been turning in
  1. Our car _____ problems starting lately. (to have)
  • a. had
  • b. had had
  • c. has been having


1 – c 2 – b 3 – a 4 – a 5 – c 6 – b 7 – c 8 – a 9 – b 10 – c

Any questions? Feel free to email or drop a comment below. If you’d like to explore these ideas in more detail please do review The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide for detailed help.

Want more exercises? Try this Mixed Tense Practice Quiz.


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