grammar wordsHaving looked at the bare infinitive, past participles and present participles individually, with a variety of exercises to test understanding, this exercise will now combine the knowledge of those three different grammar words. It should be possible to identify, from the pattern of different tense forms, which of the three words is necessary to complete a sentence. Practise below!

Mixed grammar words exercise

Complete the following sentences with the verb in brackets, using either a bare infinitive, past participle of present participle.

  1. When will you be _____ the train? (to catch)
  2. Jamie can’t _____, she’s too old! (to dance)
  3. I have never _____ so many sandwiches in all my life. (to make)
  4. What did he _____ you about? (to ask)
  5. Is this group of gymnasts _____ all month? (to perform)
  6. Why Kylie had _____ the biscuits, no one knew. (to take)
  7. The canaries will have _____, the cage door was left open! (to escape)
  8. You will have been _____ all this for nothing, if you don’t apply it later. (to learn)
  9. I cannot _____ to think about the war. (to bear)
  10. Can you _____? (to whistle)
  11. It was _____ when we left the house, but it has _____ now. (to snow, to stop)
  12. Why did that shop assistant _____ you so much trouble? (to give)
  13. Have you been _____ for these hairclips? (to look)
  14. She couldn’t _____ any more pork scratchings. (to afford)
  15. Has your business _____ much since we last met? (to grow)
  16. That man has _____ his last game of chess, he’s banned now. (to play)
  17. It was tragic that the game was cancelled when they were _____. (to win)
  18. Do you think you will _____ all of your modules at university? (to pass)
  19. We are _____ our assignments next week. (to complete)
  20. Have I _____ enough of these silly grammar word exercises? (to write)


  1. catching (present participle)
  2. dance (bare infinitive)
  3. made (past participle)
  4. ask (bare infinitive)
  5. performing (present participle)
  6. taken (past participle)
  7. escaped (past participle)
  8. learning (present participle)
  9. bear (bare infinitive)
  10. whistle (bare infinitive)
  11. snowing (present participle), stopped (past participle)
  12. give (bare infinitive)
  13. looking (present participle)
  14. afford (bare infinitive)
  15. grown (past participle)
  16. played (past participle)
  17. winning (present participle)
  18. pass (bare infinitive)
  19. completing (present participle)
  20. written (past participle)

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