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I’m happy to announce this weekend I’m getting married – and to help others share in the joy of my important weekend, I’m running a special offer via the Kindle store – for this fantastic wedding weekend, The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide eBook will be absolutely free. The offer will last from 13/11/2014 to 16/11/2014 (about the amount of time I’ll be celebrating). If you haven’t already got a copy, mark it in your diary!

 Free eBook fun!

The Guide, which is available on Amazon now, is a short reference book that gives a deep understanding of the 12 aspects of English – past, present and future in the simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. The first part, The Past Tenses, has been available free to English Lessons Brighton email list subscribers for some time – but this is an opportunity to get the whole book.

Covered within are grammatical forms, different uses of the tenses, comparisons of the tenses and a huge number of engaging examples. It goes beyond the basic rules of grammar to explore flexible use of the rules. Useful to read through as a whole, or just as a reference guide to analyse specific points. You can find out more about the guide here, and grab yourself a copy here this weekend.

This offer ends on Sunday 16th – so be sure to get involved while you can!


This limited time offer is an opportunity for everyone to get some extra ammunition in the quest to learn English. This whole website exists because I understand that not everyone has the resources to fund ongoing language study – and what better occasion to stretch this generosity to my eBook at the time of my wedding. It probably won’t make you as happy as I will be this weekend, but it’s a start!


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