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Below are my free online English lessons and exercises, with explanations of English language rules and patterns. These lessons vary in level, but are all designed to help you learn effectively and naturally. If you are interested in lessons tailored specifically to your needs, please contact me for details of tutoring via Skype.

All about articles (a/an, the), determiners and countable or uncountable nouns. How to use determining words before nouns.

All about the English tenses to tell different times and build basic English skills.

All about words used for describing, such as adjectives and adverbs, and word components that can help add detail to your language.

All about how to speak naturally, the sounds of the language, and be best understood when speaking English.

All about prepositions, the words which connect nouns with information such as time and place.

All about sentence structure and the correct order of words in English.

Articles to help you improve your written English.
This site also has many exercises which do not currently fit into the above categories:

These lessons are free to use for both students and teachers. Please share them but give me credit if you do.

If there are any areas of English that you would like explained on a page of this site, please contact me and I will be happy to add it to my list of lessons to add.


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