Exercise: Bare Infinitives in Mixed Tenses

mixed bare infinitives exerciseContinuing from a series of exercises that identify and aid understanding for the bare infinitive in different tenses (see the exercise for bare infinitive in the past for more), here’s a quick exercise spanning both the past and present. The answers are given below.

Bare Infinitives in Mixed Tenses Exercise

Complete the following sentences with the verb in brackets, using either a bare infinitive or simple verb conjugation (in the past or present).

  1. We _____ to the lakes last summer. (to go)
  2. Did they _____ a good time at the opera? (to have)
  3. What does that light fixture _____ like to you? (to look)
  4. Many sweets that I _____ when I was young are no longer available. (to enjoy)
  5. Did you _____ which room the toilet is in? (to remember)
  6. I always thought he _____ with a slight limp. (to walk)
  7. Don’t you know that the banjo _____ a forbidden instrument in my school? (to be)
  8. She always _____ the ducks stale bread. (to feed)
  9. Can she _____ now? (to walk)
  10. There didn’t _____ to be anything wrong with him. (to appear)
  11. If you boil vegetables for too long, they _____ all their nutrients. (to lose)
  12. Towards the end of Saturday’s race, people _____ very tired. (to become)


  1. went (irregular past)
  2. have (bare infinitive)
  3. look (bare infinitive)
  4. enjoyed (regular past)
  5. remember (bare infinitive)
  6. walked (regular past)
  7. are (irregular present)
  8. feeds (regular present)
  9. walk (bare infinitive)
  10. appear (bare infinitive)
  11. lose (irregular present)
  12. became (irregular past)

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