Improve your grammar skills with 161 focused exercises.

The English Tenses Exercise Book drills a solid understanding of the past, present and future in simple, continuous and perfect forms. With thousands of examples of each tense, practising both form and use, this is a perfect companion to reference books and language classes.

Each tense is tested separately to help you perfect them, before being brought together in mixed tense exercises that compare and contrast use. Exercises include individual gap-fill sentences, scrambled sentences, reading for information, usage analysis, and error correction, as well as longer prose exercises that demonstrate grammar in use. You’ll find educational articles, short stories and even a recipe for homemade bread!

This wealth of practice will strengthen your understanding and your confidence, while also providing entertainment thanks to the author’s uniquely engaging style. Whether on its own and as a great accompaniment to the bestselling reference book, The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide, this exercise book is a must-have for any student of English.

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