It’s been a long time coming but The English Tenses Exercise Book is finally out – available now in paperback and eBook form.

This is the first ELB exercise book, which has been in the works since I first wrote The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide – with luck there’ll be more to come.

The English Tenses Exercise Book contains 161 exercises specifically designed to drill form and usage of the 12 key tenses – the past, present and future in the simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous.

There are thousands of examples of the tenses in use, not just in listed sentence exercises but in longer prose form too. There are short stories, articles, dialogues and even a recipe for bread (it genuinely works!).


Full contents of The English Tenses Exercise Book

The book is spread over 300 pages (in paperback form) – which I managed to whittle down from over 600 to begin with. There are 16 chapters covering form, with statements, questions and negatives tested for each of the 12 tenses, along with a stack of mixed tenses exercises.

These are followed by 4 much longer sections testing usage of the past, present and future and mixed tenses. There’s more variety in this section, with plenty of long-form exercises.

Finally, there are 3 short chapters that test understanding of participles and bare infinitives.

In total, there are 161 exercises for you to complete, each with between 10 and 20 questions (or up to 40 in the longer-form exercises) – thoroughly focused on the English tenses, as a complement to more generalist grammar guides which often only offer a couple of exercises for each topic.

I wrote and designed the book myself, with help from an excellent editor and advance reading from some wonderful people in the ELB readers’ group.

The book is out today, available from Amazon or on request at your local bookstore – please check it out, and if you like don’t forget to leave a review and tell your friends!


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