8 grammar rules for writing newspaper headlines

newspaper headline grammar rulesReading newspaper articles is an excellent way for foreign learners to build vocabulary and practice comprehension using real material. It can expose you to different topics, and a variety of language that is rare in spoken English. However, newspaper writing is rarely a representation of common English. Headlines in newspapers, in particular, use different grammar rules to everyday English. This is because they are designed to be short and to attract attention. The following 8 rules are often used to achieve this: Continue reading “8 grammar rules for writing newspaper headlines”

Writing Emails in English: greetings and farewells

writing email greetings farewellsWriting emails is now more common than ever, with people sending dozens of emails a day – while in the past people might have sent letters very rarely. With traditional letters, formal greetings and farewells were common in English because writing a letter was generally a formal and sophisticated form of communication. The speed and frequency that we write and receive emails has made email writing less formal than letter writing, however. Emails do not always require the same polite tone, or the same details, as a letter. So how can you introduce and sign off emails effectively in English? Continue reading “Writing Emails in English: greetings and farewells”

Improve your English writing skills with this book

improve writing skillsThis book is not as well known in the UK as in America, so I discovered it quite late. But it summarises many of my personal views on good written English. In America, it is incredibly famous. It was labelled one of the All-Time 100 Nonfiction Books, the most influential books Written in English since 1923, by Time magazine. The Elements of Style, otherwise called the Strunk and White (after its authors), is a prescriptive language book – meaning it is forced upon students. With good reason. It is a writing style guide that will improve your writing skills if you take careful note of its simple and effective rules.  Continue reading “Improve your English writing skills with this book”