Spot the Mistakes 2 – A Short History of Piers

history of piers exerciseOne of the things Brighton is most famous for, and a common sight in any great English seaside resort, is piers. Following on from my brief tale of Walking on the Beach, then, the subject of piers is a good topic for our next spot the mistake reading exercise. Again, the passage below contains mistakes that focus on the rules of the English tenses and verb use. These are designed to be tricky! Continue reading

Walking on the Beach – Spot the Mistakes 1 (Tenses)

english spot the mistakes beachAn excellent way to test your understanding and boost confidence in learning English is to approach a full text and see if you can spot the mistakes. This is especially challenging if you don’t know where the mistakes are – as to decide if a sentence is incorrect, you need to know what makes a sentence correct! With that in mind, this is the first in a series of reading exercises to practice this skill.

In the following reading exercise, see if you can identify 14 mistakes. The number of mistakes in each paragraph is indicated in brackets. Your only clues is that all the mistakes are something to do with English tenses. The answers are given below. This is a true story about Worthing beach. Continue reading

English language school locations in Brighton

brighton location english schoolsThere a numerous English schools in Brighton, in very different locations. If you come to Brighton to study English, where you have your lessons can be as important as who you choose to learn from. There are schools in central Brighton, to the East (in an area called Kemp Town, for instance), to the West, in Hove, and at the university campuses. Do you want to learn somewhere busy and exciting, or quiet and beautiful? Here’s a list of some of the most popular English language schools in Brighton, explaining their locations. Continue reading