Word Order in English Sentences

word order grammar guideWant to know what subject-verb-object REALLY means? Unsure about where to place your adverbs? Need to rearrange sentences confidently?

This is the book for you.

complete foundation in word order and sentence structure for the English language, Word Order in English Sentences can be used both for reference and as a full self-study guide. From basic rules through to the many considerations of adverbial phrases, prepositions and complex sentences, with exercises in between.

This bestselling guide is available HERE on Kindle or in paperback form.

Here’s what some of the Amazon reviewers have said:

“This book gives me hope and confidence that I can get better at customizing sentences!…Finding “Word Order In English Sentences” online for grammar students is like owning an iPhone for the first time. It gives you that “Yes! This is what I’ve been looking for! This is amazing!” feeling. It’s a wonderful step-by-step “how-to” for learning how to combine words and assemble great sentences.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I recommend it to students that are advanced beginners or Intermediate level in English…one of the things I like the most in the writing style is the author’s use of many, many examples that help drive the lesson home.” – Andy

“an excellent resource for strong intermediate to advanced students and growing ESL/EFL teachers who need to find a quick explanation for a certain aspect of English grammar.” – Benjamin

“The book would be ideal for a non-native speaker writing in English for school or work.” – Amelie

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