The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide

english tenses grammar guideThe English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide

Quickly discover the many uses of the English tenses. How do English speakers use two tenses to mean the same thing? Why do the rules not always apply?

This bestselling guide to the usage patterns of all 12 aspects of the English language covers all the rules and grammatical forms. The English Tenses: Practical Grammar Guide is ideal as either an accompaniment to core texts or for self-study.

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Here’s what some of the Amazon reviewers have said:

“This is the best book in learning the tenses so far. If you are in deep need of learning verb tenses in a different way, you will never regret buying this book. It’s easy to understand, and there’s a lot of additional information” – Glennie

“Phil Williams may have just released the most realistic approach to aide in understanding the English tenses. I have a love of vocabulary and language, so I was pleased to read this guide and find a perfectly comprehensive and approachable format.” – Meg

“Every tense is explained…in such a friendly and lucid way that I felt it is a wonderful old friend of mine explaining to me these complicated things and making them suddenly clear and easy.” – Polina

“This book is invaluable and should be on the desk of all high school and college students.” – Betty

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