ELB Books are grammar guides, skill guides and exercise books which take students from intermediate to advanced or fluent levels. These books focus on why we use the rules, to teach exactly when to use them. ELB guides have been taught as core university texts in Belgium and Scotland, and both Word Order in English Sentences and The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide have been long-term Amazon Bestsellers (Word Order was one of the highest ranking grammar books on Kindle in the USA throughout both 2018 and 2019).

Word Order in English Sentences

Introducing the building blocks of English. This grammar guide teaches all about subject/verb/object, different word types and clauses and phrases, including typical sentence positions and flexible structures. Each section has a short exercise to test understanding.

Popular the world over, Word Order in English Sentences was the bestselling grammar guide on Kindle in 2018.

“Helps simplify a topic that is really pretty complex. Would highly recommend!” – Reader Review

The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide 

A full study of the 12 key aspects of English: the past, present and future are explored in their simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous forms. Both form and usage are fully surveyed to demonstrate the many ways the tenses can be used – and where they overlap.

This colourfully illustrated guide has been a Kindle bestseller in TOEFL and Education Reference sections.

“This is the best book in learning the tenses so far. If you are in need of learning verb tenses, you will never regret buying this book. ” – Reader Review

The English Tenses Exercise Book

New for 2020: A collection of 161 exercises focused entirely on drilling the English tenses in various forms. Test your knowledge of the past, present and future through gap-fills, reading for analysis and prose-form exercises the demonstrate practical use.

The English Tenses Exercise Books works as both a standalone practice book and in conjunction with the Practical Grammar Guide.

Advanced Writing Skills for Students of English

Take your writing skills to the next level: learn how to apply a thorough understanding of grammar, style and editing for clear, effective written English. This extensive yet accessible book explores techniques developed through the author’s experience in both teaching and publishing.

As a thorough study of language skills, Advanced Writing Skills was taught as a core text at the University of Antwerp.

“A treasure chest of a book, full of nuggets of clarity, knowledge and guidance on how to achieve mastery of written English.” – Reader Review

Did you know you can request ELB books from your local library? If they don’t have them in stock, they should be able to order the books if you ask!


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