Spring has finally arrived in the UK (sort of), and it seems like high-time I had a spring clean for the English Lessons Brighton books and website. As the time’s come for me to edit the final version of my upcoming book, Advanced Writing Skills for Students of English, I’m taking this opportunity to consider the overall design of my books and website. In the next few months I hope to give the site itself a redesign, but in the meantime I’m looking at updating some imagery and greatly improving the branding of my study guides. Here’s the direction I’m going in:

Updated ELB Book Designs

I’ve developed a standard style with different colours and images for each of my existing books, The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide and Word Order in English Sentences, connecting them to the upcoming writing book. And I’m happy to reveal all three designs now! Let me know what you think.

The other news here is that, yes, Advanced Writing Skills is very close to completion now. I’ll be looking to drum up a team of advance readers and reviewers for it soon – if you’d like to hear more about that be sure you’re on the mailing list.

english lessons books series

Meanwhile the interior of the existing books hasn’t changed, so if you already own copies you’ll have exactly the same information. My intention was to give them an appearance that takes itself more seriously, as the books continue to spread further than I’d ever imagined they would. (Please be aware, some retailers have existing supplies of these books, particularly The English Tenses, so copies with the original cover are also still being sold, and it may be a few days yet before the new covers are available.)

Website Updates

As well as improving the image of the website, to follow the book covers, I’m also looking at updating some of my old articles. I had a reader contact me recently with some errors they found on here, which is always painful to see. As the site’s grown more popular I’ve been very grateful to hear from readers who’ve spotted any mistakes I’ve missed, but with over 200 articles on the site (a good number of which were written many years ago, when I didn’t think anyone was watching!), it still needs a spruce.

Please do let me know if you spot anything that needs changing or updating – I’m going to start the lengthy process of rereading all that I can!


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