christmas songs for listening pracitseJust a few Christmas-themed posts from me this year – we’ve had the big fat vocabulary list, now it’s time for some listening practice. At Christmas time, the English speaking world is drowned in the sounds of numerous Christmas carols and pop songs trying to reach the title Christmas Number One (top of the charts on Christmas Day). If you haven’t had enough of the non-stop Christmas music already, with two days to go before Christmas, here are 6 classic songs worth listening to for English lyrics and Christmas vocabulary:


1. Silent Night

This is a classic Christmas carol that has been produced in countless different versions. For a particularly angelic voice, try Sinead O’Connor’s version, available here.


2. Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song

This one lacks an imaginative title, but is crammed full of Christmas vocabulary. Presented in a casual, beautiful voice that should be clear for all to hear.


3. Doris Day – Winter Wonderland

This slow, sweet song has some great imagery, packed full of Christmassy nouns and adjectives. Nice and clear use of English here.


4. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This is one of the most lively tunes on this list – a song with many variations, in this case from American rock legend, Bruce Springsteen. A chorus that drills in the use of the present continuous (Santa is in the temporary process of coming!).


5. Bing Crosby and David Bowie – Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy

Here’s a fantastic crossover between a classic singer (Crosby) and a modern youth (Bowie, at least at the time!). With a nice little bit of chatter before the tune in this video. Listen to it for the duel singing, it’ll challenge your listening skills!


6. Frank Sinatra – Let it Snow

A voice worth listening to – Frank Sinatra presents a series of Christmas images in this melodic, energetic tribute to a White Christmas!


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