learn english youtube channelsThe amazing amount of video material now available online makes resources like YouTube an excellent way to learn more English. If you want to pick up extra tips, practice your listening (and in many cases reading!) skills, or even find full lessons, there are hundreds of channels to choose from – covering all areas of English. You could, for example, choose to focus on only British or American examples of English videos. You could try to learn from movies and TV show clips, or from advice channels. You can even find older, archived videos to suit different fashions of learning. To get you started on some of the channels that are available, here are four that I think give a good mix – and even from just these four channels you can see the massive amount of detail on offer, and the different styles available!

1. British Council LearnEnglish

The British Council have a fantastic amount of learning material on their main site, and their YouTube channel is an equally good resource, with many professional videos that cover a range of situations, as well as lots of short grammar videos. A good place to start – and one that has links to a variety of other YouTube channels for specific interests (such as LearnEnglish for kids.)

2. Speak English with Mister Duncan

A delightful chap giving you lots of free lessons in English – Mister Duncan has been around on YouTube for a long time, so not only has he grown to be one of the most popular English teachers on the site, he’s built up a large library of material. His enthusiasm is infectious!

3. JenniferESL

Another hugely popular YouTube English teacher, Jennifer’s ESL channel mostly offers lessons in a simple, talking-to-the-camera style. She is very articulate, making it easy to understand and learn from her.

4. Anglo-Link

Another large range of videos from a UK teacher, Minoo’s channel Anglo-Link has some detailed looks at areas like phrasal verbs, and covers topics like exam preparation, so there’s plenty of material to build your English skills.

5. ESL and Popular Culture

This channel is something a bit different, as it presents pop culture concepts with reading and visual material, rather than focusing on taught lessons. Often this uses older footage, giving a nice sense of culture history! A good resource to develop a more rounded understanding of English in use.


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