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I’ve been asked a few times recently about exercises to go with The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide – a book I always intended to produce a companion exercise book for. There’s no exercise book yet, but I do have 17 exercises to offer right now.

When I first released The English Tenses, I started creating accompanying exercises for it, many of which are already available on this website. Check out the list below – and if you like them, I’m pleased to announce that I’m focusing on completing the book now. I’ve drawn up a plan and got through perhaps 15% of the writing already – right now there will be a minimum of 90 exercises.

17 English Tenses Exercises

This list includes a diverse selection of exercises covering different areas of understanding the English tenses, from forming the tenses and understanding grammar words connected to them (such as infinitives and participles), through to comparing tenses in use and choosing the correct one. They are in no particular order.

Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Past Simple vs Perfect Tenses

Simple vs Continuous – Verbs of State

Identifying the Bare Infinitive

The Bare Infinitive and the Present Simple

The Bare Infinitive in Mixed Tenses

Past Simple Affirmatives and Negatives

Forming Simple Tense Questions

Forming Negative Simple Tenses

Mixed Negative Simple Questions

Mixed Future Tenses (curiously one of the most popular pages on this website)

Mixed Tenses – short quiz

Using Past Participles with Perfect Tenses

Mixed Tenses – Present Participles

Past Tenses in Narrative Use

Felix and the Umbrella – Mixed Past Simple Uses

The Christmas Mess – Mixed Tenses Reading

I hope you find some of these exercises useful. If you do there are plenty more on the way!


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